LEFCOMETAL being a state-of-the-art tinplate Service Centre, implements the processing stages described below in order to ensure excellent product quality, and, at the same time, absolute safety at work.

TAKING DELIVERY Raw materials are received in coils or sheets. During this stage, visual inspection, weighing, and random sampling quality control inspection are performed. If the product is found to be compliant with the appropriate specifications, it is given a code number, marked, entered in the computerised stock control system, and appropriately warehoused.

STORAGE Products are stored according to precise storage rules, which provide both for the stacking height and weight per square metre. We apply a FIFO (first in first out) system in order to ensure that no product will remain in storage for extended periods of time.

COIL REVERSAL Our coil reversal machinery allows for the reversal of horizontal coils into a vertical position in order for them to enter the cutting line without compromising quality (dents etc.), in a manner that is absolutely safe for the operators.

COIL CUTTING Carried out in a state-of-the-art, fully automated coil cutting line, which can detect and reject sheets with holes, sheets of uneven thickness or of non-conforming flatness etc. The cutting line can also electronically perform all quality checks, and adjust the sheets’ length and width as necessary. Cutting execution can be rectangular or scrolled.

SHEET CUTTING Sheet cutting is performed by slitting machines. LEFCOMETAL’s customers can be supplied with ready-to-use materials thus cutting down their production costs.

PACKAGING Products are stacked on wooden pallets specifically designed for this purpose. They are wrapped with materials such as transparent film, waterproof paper, compressed carton etc., depending on their destination and the customer’s requirements. They are strapped by metal corner braces and straps.

MARKING Products are electronically marked with barcodes containing data related to the products' technical and quality characteristics, customer, shipment destination, weight and number of sheets.

LOADING & TRANSPORTATION Collaborating with selected carriers or haulage companies, LEFCOMETAL makes sure that its products are always shipped using certified means of transport (motor trucks, containers, ships), and that all applicable rules with respect to tonnage and loading (cargo straps - securing) are always strictly complied with.


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