Quality Control

In order to ensure product and service quality, the Company operates with a comprehensive control system which covers all production stages. All measurements are electronically performed, while, out of an abundance of caution, experienced staff has been assigned to continuously verify such measurements with the use of special by certified devices, which are accompanied by the appropriate certificates of suitability and deviation limits. This rigorous monitoring guarantees sheets with:

  • Precise dimensions
  • Even thickness
  • Rectangularity
  • No holes
  • Uniform surface
  • Total flatness
  • No borings

Being aware that its products are also used as food packaging material, LEFCOMETAL has made it its top priority to ensure that its equipment and facilities, as well as the staff's work garments, are always kept clean.

Finally, LEFCOMETAL’s advanced electronic traceability system makes all data concerning a product available — from the raw material at the steel mill, through the finished product's end use — just by using the coil’s or package’s barcode.

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