We follow developments


We follow developments in the tinplate industry, aiming to constantly improve and be pioneers in the production process and the services we provide by using new techniques and innovative technologies.

Standing Strong


Through our professionalism, technical knowledge and extensive experience, we have succeeded in laying solid foundations.



Ecological Awareness


According to scientific research, tinplate is the most environmentally friendly material available. It can be easily recycled in designated bins even without separation from other waste.



Direct Contact with our Customers


Direct and quality service to our customers, supporting and meeting their daily needs, is our major key factor.

We create added value for our customers


The high quality standards for our materials and the processing methods we apply, permit our customers to deliver safe and excellent products to their clients as well as end consumers.

  • Processing

    We ensure excellent product quality and absolute safety at work

  • Quality Control

    We operate with a comprehensive control system which covers all production stages

  • Technical support

    We provide technical support services of a highly professional standard

  • After sales support

    We keep track of the products’ use patterns

> We can

> We can


The Company’s location right next to the Port of Piraeus enables direct and timely product delivery from and dispatch to the local and international markets

> We ensure

> We ensure


We apply all the techniques
provided for by the globally
renowned certifications body

> We achieve

> We achieve


We have developed strong and
trusting relationships with
manufacturers of all types
of tinplate packaging products

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